There are many wonderful organizations in the County that serve abused and neglected children, but the vast majority of them are under funded.

 Funds to support crisis intervention, preparation for emancipation, foster-care placement, mentoring programs, and access to mental health services are desperately needed to make a difference in the lives of these children.


At Day for Change we believe the people and businesses in San Diego care about these children and want to help but do not know where to start.


By unifying our efforts, we can all make a difference and create hope in the lives of thousands of children so that each and every one of them can experience love and realize their d



100% of all funds raised will be awarded to local charities that focus on making a difference in the lives of abused & neglected children.


Day for Change is a 501(c)(3) public charity, nonprofit organization founded by leading financial management professionals across San Diego County.


Day for Change was created to respond to the need for support to organizations that are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of abused & neglected children in San Diego County.


Day for Change will provide financial support to committed charities that have demonstrated success in making a positive impact in the lives of these disadvantaged children.


  • There are 1,100 homeless youth in San Diego at any given time; Youth homelessness has increased 39% over the last two years.

  • On any given day, 3,500 children are living in foster care in San Diego County;


  • The California Department of Social Services reported that in 2013 there were 118 fatalities and 111 near fatalities of children that were a result of abuse and/or neglect;


  • In 2012, in San Diego County, there were over 142,000 children, or nearly 1 in 5 children, that lived in families with incomes below the Federal poverty level (the Federal poverty level in 2012 for a family of four was $23,050);


  • Approximately 70,000 cases of child abuse and neglect are reported in San Diego County annually and the County has the second highest rate of substantiated referrals among all counties in California;


  • Each day 12 more children need out-of-home placement in San Diego County due to abuse and neglect;


  • Youth under age 18 were victims of 12% of, or nearly 1,400, violent crimes of murder, rape, robbery and assault in San Diego in 2013; and


  • The FBI has identified San Diego as one of the top three metropolitan areas of the nation’s thirteen high intensity child prostitution areas for sex trafficking of children.

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